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Friday Happy Hour: Lightning Round

Jason English

This week I thought we'd do a lightning round of questions from previous Happy Hours, plus name the winners of last Friday's Create Your Own Holiday contest. Answer whatever you'd like...

1) What's the most shocking thing you've found while snooping? (Snooping stories not limited to closets and medicine cabinets. Think email, Googling, NSA files, etc.)

2) What's the crappiest car you've ever owned? Was it a clunker from the start, or did you simply drive it into the ground?

3) What's the most intriguing VHS tape you still own? (We're not looking for movies you've bought in VHS format. Rather, stuff you've taped from TV or shot yourself.)

4) What's the strangest place you've been that offers free wireless internet service?

5) I just realized Chuck Klosterman has a new book out. (Downtown Owl: A Novel.) He would probably have been my answer to this question: which author's next book are you most eagerly anticipating?

6) What was the first movie you saw in a theater? (For me, it was the 1985 classic Follow That Bird.)

7) Here's your chance to shamelessly plug a struggling business. I've already expressed my love for the Planet Smoothie in Roxbury, NJ. Free wireless, comfortable seating, liquid lunches and rarely a crowd. But that last part scares me. Name an establishment you're hoping to help save. And if you live within, say, 45 miles of Roxbury, fill up the tank and head on over.

Now it's time to wrap up last week's 'Create Your Own Holiday' contest. The winner is Matt! Here's his entry:

How about Jeopar-Day, where all interactions must be phrased as Jeopardy answers and questions, such as: Waiter: The answer is"¦Your order. Patron: Um"¦What is"¦the grilled chicken, the mushroom and swiss burger, and two sodas. Waiter: Correct! True or False"¦"¦This ticket is split. Patron: False. It's together Waiter: Correct! I'll be right back with your order. Or: Boss: The answer is"¦Compile a report of our year-to-date sales, finalize the Peterson account, and email me a list of the weeks customer prospects. Employee: What is"¦"¦what are my goals for next week? Boss: Oooh, I'm sorry, the correct answer is "What things must be done before you can leave today" Maybe next time.

[I'm not exactly sure how we'll celebrate this on the blog, but perhaps a few Jeopardy! posts and quizzes can mark the day. Now...when should Jeopar-Day be?]

Two runners-up have won free back issues. First, Nate:

Try a Food that Scares You Day Break out of your routine and try something that looks odd and you would never eat. Explore new flavors, new cultures, and perhaps a new favorite dish. It will be the Carpe Diem Diet!

[We may celebrate this one, too. You'll be called upon to not only eat something scary, but to photograph it and send us the story.]

And Amy, who wins for letting me address this quirk...

How about National 'What the HELL is that???' Day. Like today and the last few days, for instance. I keep seeing this "__LongTerm__ " thingy post all over MF and,since I missed any indication of why it's there, can only think to ask: What the HELL is that?? ;-)

We're still trying to figure this out. So far, I've only been able to recreate this in Safari. If anyone else is seeing sporadic occurrences of the words "_LongTerm_," can you let me know what operating system (Windows Vista, Mac OS X, etc.) and browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) you're using? And if you know what might be causing it, that would obviously be even more helpful. Thanks!

I'll be in touch with the winners about their prizes (Matt gets a t-shirt; Nate & Amy have won back issues of the magazine.) Enjoy the weekend.