Guitar Lessons? Anyone? Anyone? [UPDATE!]

David K. Israel

We asked, you commented, we listened. Tune in this coming Monday for the first in a series of mental_floss guitar lessons. First episode: Buying Your First Axe. Thanks for speaking up! See you Monday.

I'm considering a video feature with a weekly guitar lesson for beginners. By that, I mean I'd be showing the real beginner a thing or two each week in a 2-3 minute video. Starting with the presumption that you've never even held a guitar in your hand and moving slowly through different chords and techniques, I'd take the lessons as far as I can, so long as people are watching them.
But I'm only going to attempt this if there's real interest out there. And by real, I guess I mean 100 or so weekly viewers, if not more. So, by a show of comments, anyone think they'd actually get into something like this? For those who like to read the blog but never comment, and we know that's most of you, now's the time to speak and be counted.