The Tantrum-Throwing Alarm Clock


We've posted lists of crazy and annoying alarm clocks before. Here's one that is guaranteed to drive you stark raving bonkers. It's the The Tantrum Throwing Alarm Clock. This clock starts to stir five minutes before alarm time, when it begins to glow. It's almost like the warning signs a child may give when he's ready to go off. Then he opens his mouth, stamps his feet, and starts to whine! You can tap its head for a snooze, but do it too many times and he'll throw a hissy fit anyway. The full-tantrum mode with kicking and screaming should wake you up, and put you in the proper mood for the day. NOT! Any parent will tell you, the last thing you want to wake up to is a tantrum. It will go on for an hour if you don't get up and turn it off. Then just try to show up at work with a smile on your face.
Just like a child, this alarm clock can be charming at other times. He'll interact with an MP3 player and dance. Pet him and he "smiles" at you. I can't see how this clock's charms would offset the memories of the morning tantrum. But I'll try to say something nice about this product: It would make a great gift for someone you don't like.

Ubergizmo: $50 for some early morning stress? No thank you.

Dvice: Maybe giving your alarm clock human characteristics isn't such a great idea after all.

Shiny Shiny: I am not down with tantrums as a method of awakening.

The Green Head: It's definitely a cool alarm clock and looks like fun, but I fear it will be brutally executed against the wall two minutes into its temper tantrum routine.  ...I'm actually a little scared of it.

Runs on 4 AA batteries or can be plugged in. $49.95 from Hammacher-Schlemmer.