First, a hearty congrats to all of you who got all the answers correct this month. We were impressed with how many nailed the whole thing, and how many of you sent in answers even though you had a hunch someone else probably got them all earlier in the day. We'll be in touch in the coming week with some special offers for all of you with the right answers. Look for it via email.

Now on with the big news: We have a new champion in the form of a team: Avery Dale, Ken Laskowski and Colin Utley, who edged out several others, including many former champions taking this week's How Did You Know?

Congrats and best of luck defending your title next month guys. Remember: if you can hold onto it for two more months, you'll win our grand prize!

I'll post the winning team's answers and logic after the jump, along with a fantastic illustrated submission by a contestant named Gregory Burns, who didn't get all the answers correct, but blew us away with his organizational talents. First, a little about our winners:

Avery Dale

I grew up in Atlanta before attending Northwestern University with Colin and Ken. I am a nomad Democratic political campaign staffer, and am currently working on the research staff of a national Senate race. This job allowed me to polish my Googling skills, which I like to pretend is why I was recruited as the 3rd member of our team. This is only my 3rd month of Mental Floss, and I'd like to believe its a dynasty in the making. I am also astounded that I've had reason to celebrate hearing the Ally McBeal theme song.


Colin Utley & Ken Laskowski. Ken's sporting the Zubaz.

Colin Utley

I am one of the many displaced Detroiters in Chicago now, working at a brand & social media consulting firm in Evanston. My guess is that I am one of the few people who reads The Economist after watching old Batman: The Animated Series episodes. I'm also a chronic misspeller, frequent Potbelly cookie consumer, devout fan of LOST, and lover of Charles Fazzino artwork. We plan on celebrating our victory at Chicago's best burger spot - Kuma's Corner - and make a trip to my favorite bar, the Mental Floss-friendly Safe House in Milwaukee in the coming months. My girlfriend wishes she had a video of the dance I did when I got the HDYK victory email.

Ken Laskowski

I was born in a dark, mysterious forest in upstate New York where I learned everything there is to know about the apple trade and the history of Jonny Appleseed. I have since relocated to Chicago, after going to college at Northwestern where I met my other two chums in this trivia contest. I now work in Chicago as an Actuarial Analyst after a career as Ben Affleck's stunt double did not pan out the way I wanted it to. I firmly believe that Zubaz are more hilarious than they are ugly, and should return to the fashion world immediately. My favorite animal is the wolf and I think Vikings are way better than Pirates.

Final Answer

A tee is 2.125 inches long in this sport: Golf.

The Rush album is 2112 plus a fear of 13, gives you 2125. A tee or a tea works from tesseract. We picked tee. Pollice verso is the name of the ritual. Pollice means inch in latin. Adding that with long, from Martin Short, and you get the answer.


1. The object is the Tesseract. We Googled "2 connected cubes" and it was the third link. A third party confirmed.
2. Salvador Dali. A quick Google image search of "Tesseract crucification" lead us to this page.
3. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. Interestingly a few weeks ago there was an article floating around called "Tesseracting Up", a review of AWIT. I didn't make the connection until just now.
4. Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott. According to the Wiki page, a tesseract is "imagined" by the author in the novel. The only other option was Charles Howard Hinton in his book "A New Era of Thought" where according to the Oxford English Dictonary, the word was coined and first used. However we are going with Flatland because you specifically asked for a novel. ANEoT was a non-fiction work and came 4 years after Flatland, so even though the tesseract wasn't mentioned by name, it the object appeared in the novel and so we are going to stick with Flatland as our answer.


1. "The Twilight Zone Theme" - This was pretty obvious and gave us a heads up to look for TV show theme music.
2. "Barney Miller Theme" by Jim Hughart - We had trouble with this one. I finally Googled "tv theme song horns" and was linked to this page - - where I checked both Wonder Woman and Barney Miller. It was clearly BM, confirmed at
3. "I Don't Want To Wait" by Paula Cole - This was the theme song to Dawson's Creek. It was the second one we just knew from previous experience and confirmed along with the Twilight Zone theme that we were looking for TV themes.
4. "I've Been Searching My Soul" by Vonda Shepard - It's the Ally McBeal theme song. We had no idea and neither did any of our friends. Avery found this site - - and suggested that we just go through it until we find an "Oh yeah." We both laughed at the prospect, knowing that "Oh yeah" might be a throw away line. But we both eyeballed the A list and clicked on Ally at the same time and started freaking out via gchat. The audio at confirmed it, complete with the phone ring at the end. Avery duly pointed out, "Thank God her name wasn't Zazzy McBeal.
5. "Everybody Loves Raymond Theme" - We had a ton of trouble with this one, but one of Avery's friends knew. It was confirmed at and it is apparently by Rick Marotta and Terry Trotter.
6. "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs" by Bruce Miller and Darryl Phinessee - It sounded like the theme song from "Frasier", but there is so much talking in that theme, it was strange that the clip didn't have any audio. I confirmed at about the :33 mark of
7. "Liberty Bell" by John Philip Sousa - Ahhh...The Monty Python's Flying Circus theme. I was pretty sure about this one, but confirmed at and needed to confirm the name of the song at's_Flying_Circus.


1. Parenthood - I just knew this one, as I've seen it a number of times on basic cable during college.
2. Gladiator - I just knew this one, as I've seen it a number of times on basic cable during college.
3. Stand By Me - I just knew this one, as I've seen it a number of times on basic cable during high school.
4. Hotel Rwanda - I am not totally sure about this, but Don Cheadle's IMDB page - - leads to me believe that it has to be HR. I know it isn't Traffic.
5. Walk the Line - I love this movie. This one I didn't see while I was in college. I saw it in the theater.
We believe the odd one out is Stand By Me, as it is the only one that Joaquin Phoenix does not appear in.


1. Martin Short
2. Jon Lovitz
3. Amy Poehler
4. Robin Duke
5. Eddie Murphy
6. Laraine Newman

—Avery Dale, Ken Laskowski & Colin Utley

And here's that illustrated submission by Gregory Burns: