The Internet's Famousest Felines

Ransom Riggs

One of the most striking things about the internet boom and the rise of sites like Youtube is the democratization of fame (or "fame" -- there's certainly a difference between reality show famous and Tom Cruise famous) -- but many of those it's brought fame to aren't even human. They're cats. Of the top twenty or so most-watched-ever videos on Youtube -- ranging from about 5 million views on the low end to 40 million on the top end -- eight of them feature cats. Can you imagine twenty million people watching your pet do silly tricks? It boggles the mind! I had to find out what these cats were doing that so many people found irresistible.

Ninja Cat

This is no ordinary video of a cat stalking its owner -- it's shot, and I must say performed, with true Hitchcockian flair. And the music cues -- genius!

Garfield is Real

This is not unlike one of those bigfoot hoax videos, where some unsuspecting hiker with a video camera stumbles across the cryptozoological find of his life. Except in this case, what the camera finds is an honest-to-God real-life Garfield. Watch it through to the end -- the profile shot is the money shot.

Cat Speaking in Tongues?

More than eleven million people have watched this video, which I have to say documents one of the strangest vocalizations I've ever heard from a cat. Kinda reminds me of those 50s-era experiments where they give cats LSD and watch what happens. The canned laugh track makes it all the more surreal.

Spaghetti Cat

With Spaghetti Cat, I think we're witnessing the birth of yet another cat-related meme -- which amazingly, started on television and not the internet. Here's what happened. During a segment of The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet about binge drinking, the image suddenly cuts to a still picture of a cat eating spaghetti -- and then back to the show a second later, with no mention of the cat ever made. It became something of a mystery for weeks afterward, until an E! spokesperson finally revealed that the cat picture had been used as a kind of "visual bleep" (to cover what, we may never know). Regardless of its intent, those in the know are expecting Spaghetti Cat to become the new Rickroll. Here's the clip:

The two talking cats

A simple title, a simple concept, simple execution -- fourteen million views and counting. It's two cats sitting next to one another, who seem to be having a conversation. You've got to wonder, is this a phenomenon so rare, so unheard of, that to capture it on video and post it on the internet could warrant so much attention? Decide for yourself!