CNN is reporting that Hollywood actor House Peters, Jr. passed away today at the age of 94. While Peters has a lengthy resume as a character actor in Westerns and TV shows, he's most recognizable as the original face of Mr. Clean. From his IMDB profile, Peters seems like a gem of a person. Apparently, he claimed that if he wasn't a star by age 50, he'd quit the profession. Crazier still, he stayed true to his word (walking away from his regular gig as the sheriff on Lassie), and had a lucrative post-acting career in real estate. My favorite thing about him, though, is how he and his wife spent their retirement: "he and Lucy toured the entire country many times over in their van and travel trailer; fishing, gold prospecting, site seeing and attending every swap meet they could find." Gold prospecting! Ridiculous. In any case, in honor of House Peters, Jr. I'm posting a 4 Mr. Clean facts in a minute.