Drop Some Knowledge, Win a Movie


If you missed our interview with filmmaker Henry Jaglom yesterday, check that out over here. As previously mentioned, Jaglom's films are now available for download on iTunes. We've got THREE FREE downloads to give away today in our interview follow-up contest. If you win, you can pick his latest film, Hollywood Dreams, or any of the available Jaglom films offered on iTunes. Watch "˜em on your laptop, your iPod, iPhone, or whatever's handy. (Contest only open to those residing in the U.S. because the movies are only available for download on the U.S. iTunes site. Sorry if that counts you out!)

Here's how to win: 1) Drop a comment with some interesting bit of film trivia. Some curious factoid most people may not know. We'll pick three random winners and post the "˜toids on our site (so make sure they're accurate because we'll be checking). 2) Enter as many times as you want, so long as each factoid is in a separate comment.