More winners!

David K. Israel

We have the winners to our Henry Jaglom contest. Thanks to everyone who sent in cool film facts. Here are three that I selected randomly.

Dave said: Raiders of the Lost Ark - In the famous scene with the swordsman, an elaborate and complex fight was planned with Indy only using his whip to beat the villain. Harrison Ford was suffering from a nasty flu and after a long day of retakes, finally suggested the adlibbed scene where he just pulls his gun and shoots the guy. Marty said: Martin Scorsese appears in all his films. Joseph said: This is also not really a secret, but definitely cool. M. Night Shamylan likes to play with visual effects in his movies. In the 6th sense, every time there is a scene with a ghost, there is something bright red in the scene...Balloon, sweater, tent etc.....In Unbreakable, whenever Samuel L Jackson's character Mr. Glass is in the scene, there is a vivid purple wrap, carpet, jacket liner....and finally in The Village, the whole red/yellow color thing.

Guys, we'll be in touch shortly and tell you how to download your films off iTunes.