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Allison Keene

From our friends at the Daily Tube, the most amazing prank I've ever seen. I can't believe the golfers aren't more impressed!
You guys know I'm a weather nerd, so I definitely enjoyed this parody from the Onion News Network, focusing on an "intensely pleasant autumn" this year. Stay indoors!
Interesting Halloween baby costume idea ... but the kid does look worried

Check out these 13 Freaky Fish, and I don't use the term "freaky" lightly.

If you're a koala on the prowl, here's one way to get noticed.
The coolest Easter tradition ever: every Easter in the Greek island of Chios, two rival church parishes battle it out with an amazing fireworks competition.

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After you're through perusing for the day, head over to one of

these sites

to continue flossing that ole grey matter.


Oddly intriguing Wikipedia

article of the week

focusing on Humphrey, the official mouser at Number 10 Downing Street. His story includes murder! Intrigue! Who would have guessed.


From Cary, this year's

American beer stats.

Fascinating yet somehow frightening.


Ever wonder why

hair texture

changes as you age?


Flossy friend Charlie has a great blog,

Interesting Pile

, with a ton of great links I highly encourage you to browse!


Why can't we be

Facebook friends

? As of this morning, we have 2,876 fans. Let's see if we can push that closer to 3,000.


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Clean out those bookmark folders and send all internet arcana to Much obliged!

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