More Supporters of Our $50,000 Tuition Giveaway


Before announcing our $50,000 Tuition Giveaway, we each guessed how many entries we thought we'd receive. My guess was on the high side—embarrassingly high, to the point one could assume I didn't understand the rules, like a senile contestant on The Price is Right. So if all our readers could talk up the scholarship to your eligible college-going friends and family, perhaps I won't look so silly and out of touch.

(I realize this is not much of an incentive for most people, but I'm counting on the "we're trying to give you $10,000" part to sell itself.)

As we do every now and again, let's thank a few people who have been spreading the word on their personal plots of internet real estate:

Sara Bozich has sent more traffic to our Tuition Giveaway homepage than any other blogger. She's a nightlife columnist for Harrisburg's Patriot-News and maintains an active web presence at According to her bio, her job requirements include "Touring breweries, tasting wines, judging food and playing Golden Tee Live." Win our scholarship, go to college, and one day, maybe you can have a job like hers. Thanks, Sara!

"¢ Another cog in the Tuition Giveaway's promotional machine is Austin's Sally Villarreal, of Sally Comes Unraveled, which is where she talks about all things knitting. In a recent post, Sally said she blogs "like I have thousands of readers. Because someday I hope I will." Maybe this will earn you a few more fans.

"¢ And finally (for today), a big thanks to Thom Zahler, proprietor of Thom Zahler Art Studios in Timberlake, Ohio. In addition to his design and illustration work, he's written/drawn three graphic novels and won $32,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? I've spent the last ten minutes poking our his website. Very cool stuff.

We may not be able to make you a millionaire, but who wants $10,000?