What the Cat Hath Wrought

Ransom Riggs

A relationship with a pet is a funny thing. We humans tend to anthropomorphize our animals, and it's easy to fall into the lull of predictable routine -- feeding, sleeping, playtime, walks -- and forget that they're not human, too. But every once in awhile, an animal will do something to remind you that there's still a wild streak in them. Yesterday, my cat decided to expand her diet from Iams cat food to Important Wires -- like the one pictured, which used to charge my bluetooth headset.

She also has a fondness for sharpening her claws on the couch (we've tried everything) and for poking my wife and I in the throat at 3AM -- time to play! But this little devil is far from the most destructive animal I've owned -- the cat I had as a kid loved to climb the Christmas tree and send it flying across the room, heirloom ornaments shattering, and one night decided to shred my ten-year-old hand, which nearly required an emergency room trip to patch up.

But I'm certain that, in the grand scheme of pet-based mischief and destruction, I've gotten off easy. We'd love to hear from you -- what's the worst thing your bad-behaving pet has ever done -- or destroyed?