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Friday Happy Hour: Video Game Triumphs, Great Biographies & Email Snafus

Jason English

1. The topic of Monday's Lunchtime Quiz is Super Nintendo. In honor of that, what's your proudest video game accomplishment? Mine is knocking out Mike Tyson—first when I was 9, then again in college after being told by a Nintendo-owning hallmate that it was literally impossible ("The programmers rigged it so Tyson always wins.")

2. Of all the biographies you've ever read, what's your favorite? (And do you recommend it to the flossy elite?)

3. So, what's for lunch today?

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4. With the proximity of the 'Reply' and 'Reply All' buttons on most email programs, there's no shortage of stories about email disasters. What's the most regrettable email incident you've witnessed (or caused)? If the responses are funny enough, we may spin this into an article of its own.