John Hodgman: A Brief Digression on Matters of Lost Time


John Hodgman is known to millions as the "PC" of recent Apple ads, but that's hardly his best work. Hodgman wrote the instant classic The Areas of My Expertise (check out the audiobook if you have a chance -- it's the best thing ever), and his regular appearances As Resident Expert on The Daily Show are some the show's best segments. In February Hogdman gave a brilliant TED Talk in which he discussed a series of strange events in his past, each of which led him to believe that something strange was afoot. Something having to do with space aliens and girlfriends. The talk is now available online (in an improbable coincidence, his new book, More Information Than You Require was just released). I encourage you to view this talk.

Discussed: Enrico Fermi on aliens, Roswell, fairies, Sasquatch, God, the possibility of love, atomic piles, Enrico Fermi was an alien, UFOlogy, evolution, alien abductions, pyramids, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, women who love Dune, Communion's improbable casting, travels through Portugal, five Liberians, and "Portuguese doctors." THAT IS ALL.

Watch, learn, and have a nice Friday: