Economic Crisis T-Shirt Finalists

Mangesh & Jason

While sorting through the economic crisis t-shirt submissions, we've been arguing like members of Congress. So, we've narrowed the field to six candidates and decided to hold a referendum. Leave your vote in the comments—one vote per person. (We've invested heavily in technology to prevent t-shirt contest voter fraud.) The winner gets a $125 bailout.

a. "Bernanke Say Relax"

b. "D'ow!"
"“Terence Mcginnis

c. "Go Directly to Bailout: Collect $700 Billion Dollars"
"“Alan Evans

d. "How Now Down Dow?"
"“Josh Smith

e. "Congratulations on Your Recent Bank Purchase"

f. "US Laws of Economic Mathematics: $700 Billion "“ 401(k) = $700 Billion"
"“Eli Gorin

The polls will be open through Wednesday night. Stand up and be counted.