Unusual "Get Out the Vote" Ads

Ransom Riggs

For as long as there have been elections, there have been advertisements for one candidate or another -- and in countries like the U.S., where voter turnout in presidential elections has been as low as 50%, there are plenty of ads simply exhorting people to get to the polling place on the appointed day. We scoured the net for unusual ads of this ilk, past and present, and found a few doozies we'd love to share. And hey, if they should inspire you to get to the polling place next Tuesday, all the better!

Dig Down, Dig in and Vote!

This ad for the 1960 presidential election goes further than simply admonishing citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote -- it implies that they should be donating money to campaigns and canvassing door-to-door as well.

Terry Tate Gets Out the Vote

Maybe the strangest voting commercial of all time. Terry Tate comes off as a total fascist ... for voting.

This Guy Votes ... and So Should You

The weirdest argument I've ever heard for voting: if losers like this are going to the polls, you need to go too.

The Littles: Tell Your Parents to Vote!

A low-rent Saturday morning cartoon from the 80s (based on a series of kids' books from the 60s) half-heartedly asks its sugar-addled viewers to "tell your parents to vote!"

Madonna: Rock the Vote

Madonna has done innumerable "rock the vote" spots, but this three-minute epic is worth remembering -- it parodies the style of her controversial 1991 tour documentary Truth or Dare (except the spot takes place in a chair -- rather than in her bed).

November 2: One Heckuva T-shirt

Is this a commercial for a tee-shirt?