Your Photos: A Very Flossy Halloween

Ransom Riggs

Last week we asked you to send us picture of your Halloween costumes, and did you ever! Picking our favorites was no easy task. Leave it to our readers to get creative on Halloween; no off-the-rack costumes here, and a minimum of blood and gore, to boot. Not that we don't fully embrace blood-'n'-gore here at the floss, but I've seen so many Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, Scream guy and Jigsaw costumes over the past few 'weens, it makes me wonder why instead of dressing up like fictional serial killers people never cross that line and dress up like real ones? You'd think a Jeffrey Dahmer costume would be pretty easy to whip up, for instance: just put on your mid-80s rapist glasses and carry around a few fake body parts for the evening. (No? Oh, well.) Unfortunately, I'm a bad role model -- my costume was unspeakably lame -- partly because I had already put together a costume for John Green, who was in LA doing a book reading and needed a last-minute costume. Since it was up to me, I dressed him as Walt Whitman:

(If he doesn't look like he's about to loose any barbaric yawps, it's because he kept swallowing bits of the $5 beard which was, by all accounts, the centerpiece of the costume.) Now without further ado, on to the reader-submitted costumes!

sweeney and lovett.jpg
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Thanks again for all your great entries -- we're looking forward to next year!