Winners, winners, and more winners!


Here are the results of the last three contests I've run:

1. Our random selection for the Johnny Cash DVD goes to Greg Cohoon, one of many who correctly ID-ed all the Cash songs in the post.

2. The last Caption Contest winner/t-shirt goes to Heather, who beat out a couple others in close voting with "Sadly, Bill failed to see the beauty of the George Orwell paint set."

3. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the last How Did You Know trivia hunt was won by the same team who nailed it the previous month. (And you know what that means... if they can defend the title one more month, look out!) They added a fourth to their team, so I'll repost their bios below, along with newcomer, Hayley Wells'. Congrats to the many contestants who had all the right answers. We'll skip November because of Thanksgiving, and come back the first week of Decemeber with the next HDYK puzzle. (And from hereon out, they'll be the first week of the month.)

Without further ado, the team of Avery Dale, Ken Laskowski, Colin Utley, and Hayley Wells. Plus their winning answers!

Avery Dale I grew up in Atlanta before attending Northwestern University with Colin and Ken. I am a nomad Democratic political campaign staffer, and am currently working on the research staff of a national Senate race. This job allowed me to polish my Googling skills, which I like to pretend is why I was recruited as the 3rd member of our team. This is only my 4th month of Mental Floss, and I'd like to believe its a dynasty in the making. I am also astounded that I've had reason to celebrate hearing the Ally McBeal theme song.

HDYK.jpg /

Colin Utley & Ken Laskowski. Ken's sporting the Zubaz.

Colin Utley I am one of the many displaced Detroiters in Chicago now, working at a brand & social media consulting firm in Evanston. My guess is that I am one of the few people who reads The Economist after watching old Batman: The Animated Series episodes. I'm also a chronic misspeller, frequent Potbelly cookie consumer, devout fan of LOST, and lover of Charles Fazzino artwork. We plan on celebrating our victory at Chicago's best burger spot - Kuma's Corner - and make a trip to my favorite bar, the Mental Floss-friendly Safe House in Milwaukee in the coming months. My girlfriend wishes she had a video of the dance I did when I got the HDYK victory email.

Ken Laskowski I was born in a dark, mysterious forest in upstate New York where I learned everything there is to know about the apple trade and the history of Jonny Appleseed. I have since relocated to Chicago, after going to college at Northwestern where I met my other two chums in this trivia contest. I now work in Chicago as an Actuarial Analyst after a career as Ben Affleck's stunt double did not pan out the way I wanted it to. I firmly believe that Zubaz are more hilarious than they are ugly, and should return to the fashion world immediately. My favorite animal is the wolf and I think Vikings are way better than Pirates.

Hayley Wells I am extremely proud to be included in this month's winning HDYK team, after being referenced as a mere "third party confirmation" to the win last month. An unexpected, come-from-behind victory two weeks ago at Tuesday night trivia must have proved my worthiness for the upgrade. When I'm not assisting fellow NU grads Ken, Colin and Avery in the pursuit of trivia domination, I work at a marketing agency doing search engine optimization and new media marketing, allowing me to spend all day searching the internet for answers. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with nerdy guys who like things like Tuesday night trivia and HDYK. Finally, I must confess that I've never actually met my teammate Avery Dale in person.

Final Answer The first US Supreme Court Justice was John Jay. US magazine was US, Ross was part of The Supremes, making it supreme. Courting Alex became court. The Radiohead album is Hail to the Theif...mocking "Hail to the Chief."

Monday 1. The Vibe cover doesn't fit, because it doesn't have the number 100 on its cover. The Us cover is "100% Paris Free", Rolling Stone features the "100 Greatest Guitar Songs", Time looks at their "Time 100", TV Guide looks at the "100 Most Unexpected TV Moments", and People looks at the "100 Most Beautiful People". Apparently Vibe could only find 40 people who were about to change the world and 20 stars to compare Then & Now when celebrating 14 years of publication.

Thursday My immediate reaction was that these were all Madonna movies, but after giving the answers a once over, I didn't see either Dick Tracy or A League of Their Own, so that didn't look likely. I looked at Alice Cooper, Diana Ross, Sting and Dylan's filmographies, but they are all pretty thin. Then I got to thinking about the wording of your clue...saying it each film/show starred a person who appeared in one of the clips, not necessarily that it was one of the musician. Knowing that Jenna Elfman was in Dharma & Greg, she was the first one that crossed my mind to look up. It was just a matter of reading through her bio and seeing what she starred in, then cross checking it with the camouflage puzzle. I got ED TV first, then Town And Country, which opened the flood gates. All the films are listed here ( and the individual movie pages are below. This is the one and only time I - Colin - have been any appreciable help on the camouflage puzzles.1. Courting Alex - Touched - Keeping the Faith - ED TV - Krippendorf's Tribe - Town And Country - —Avery Dale, Ken Laskowski, Colin Utley, and Hayley Wells