Financial Crisis T-Shirt Contest Winner

Jason English

We're pleased to announce that Terence Mcginnis is the winner of our financial crisis t-shirt slogan contest. "D'ow!" really summed up what everyone was thinking. Congrats, Terence!

Here's a little bit about our winner:
"I make a living as a Marketing Communications Consultant, but I like to think my 'real job' is 'Grand Poobah' of the 220 member Tour d'Eville Bicycling Club. All our rides begin and end at a tavern, so we have a rep for being the drinking club with a biking problem."

If you'd like to order a "D'ow!" shirt (designed by our own Terri Dann), send an email with your size—or the size of the lucky person you're giving it to—to When they're available, we'll email you back and complete the transaction (shirts cost $17.97; no need to give us credit card info yet.)