We're pleased to announce that Terence Mcginnis is the winner of our financial crisis t-shirt slogan contest. "D'ow!" really summed up what everyone was thinking. Congrats, Terence!

Here's a little bit about our winner:
"I make a living as a Marketing Communications Consultant, but I like to think my 'real job' is 'Grand Poobah' of the 220 member Tour d'Eville Bicycling Club. All our rides begin and end at a tavern, so we have a rep for being the drinking club with a biking problem."

If you'd like to order a "D'ow!" shirt (designed by our own Terri Dann), send an email with your size—or the size of the lucky person you're giving it to—to flossytees@gmail.com. When they're available, we'll email you back and complete the transaction (shirts cost $17.97; no need to give us credit card info yet.)