With all the dozens and dozens of Word Wrap posts, I'm flabbergasted that we've never covered menu typos—something that seems like such an obvious topic for a site like this. Of course, the best menu typos can be found in Greece, where lamb is misspelled all over the country as lamp. If you've ever been, then you know it's like striking gold: you get the best food in the world, and have the most fun ordering it.

Closer to home, there's a Mexican joint near me that also has amazing food, and ordering it can be just as fun as in Greece. Check out the flyer I picked up last week during lunch:

flossfunnyuse.jpg1) Offer expire with out notice. (hilarious that there's punctuation, given the sentence construction)
2) Chese Burger whit Fries (hey, at least the preposition is lower case)
3) Chicken or Steake Bolw
4) Include Small Coke (Okay! Thanks for the tip!)
5) "We Deliver" (So they don't really deliver? They kind of deliver? Or they deliver in an ironic, unexpected way?)

What's the best menu typo you've ever seen?

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