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Friday Happy Hour: Garage Sale Magic

Jason English

1. I wouldn't call this garage sale season, but several of my neighbors have been trying to unload their random junk of late. In this economy, I guess everyone could use a few extra dollars, and now might be the time to part with your L.A. Law board game. (I seriously saw this at a garage sale, though this picture was found on eBay.)

For next week, I'm working on a story about people who bought something at a garage sale or flea market that, unlike the crappy $5 TV I bought to watch the 1986 World Series, ended up being worth big bucks. So I'll put the question out here to you guys—what's the best/worst/most memorable item you ever bought (or sold) at a garage sale?

2. I am currently sitting in a FedEx Kinko's near NYU, and I have a dilemma. I'm on my second bottle of water and could really use a trip to the facilities. However, the place is pretty crowded, and if I get up, I'll lose my posh spot near the outlet. Leaving my laptop unattended, it would seem, is not in my best interest. So I'll hold it in and keep on typing. And while I do, tell us about something you've had stolen, and whether you got it back.

3. What's a recent song you couldn't get out of your head? The other day I broke down and bought that Asteroids Galaxy Tour single from the iPhone ad that airs during every single commercial break. Now that I've listened to it in full a few times, I can go on with my life.

4. What holiday traditions, events or TV specials would you like to see covered in future mental_floss articles? If your answer is "none" but there's a different topic you'd love to see featured, you can tell us that, too.