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mental_floss in the (Birmingham) News

Jason English

Today's Birmingham News has a piece on Tuesday's History of the World event at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, which will star _floss co-founder Will Pearson (pictured above, costumeless) and co-author Erik Sass (not pictured). We're hoping the guy in the frog outfit shows up (in the frog outfit). Here's what else is on the itinerary:

Tuesday, November 11: Birmingham, AL
Alys Stephens Center (Sirote Theatre)

Tuesday, November 11: Brooklyn, NY
Diamond Bar
43 Franklin St.

Wednesday, November 12: Cambridge, MA
Grafton Street Bar
1256 Massachusetts Ave.

Friday, November 14: Brooklyn, NY
Barnes & Noble (Park Slope)
267 7th Ave.

Thursday, November 20: Durham, NC
Barnes & Noble
5400 New Hope Commons

So if you live near those places or you're up for a road trip, we'd love to pack the crowds with friendly faces. I'll be joining our other co-founder Mangesh Hattikudur and Senior Editor Jenny Drapkin at Tuesday's event in Brooklyn. Don't let us ask trivia questions to an empty bar.