It's New T-Shirt Week!! (Today's Shirt: The Judicial System)

Jason English

It's New T-Shirt Week!! To celebrate, we'll be unveiling one new mental_floss shirt each day, and offering a one-day-only 10% discount.

To order your Judicial System Rules! shirt, head over to the mental_floss store, add it to your cart, and use the code "judicial" during checkout. A fitted women's version is also available.

Today's shirt was the brainchild of reader Will Rote, who I've been unable to track down. (Will, if you're reading this and want to claim your prize, email me—jason-at-mentalfloss.)

As per New T-Shirt Week!! tradition, we're also linking back to three stories relevant to the shirt's slogan. Today, that means highlighting some Supreme Court posts: 1. 8 Rejected Supreme Court Justices 2. A Supreme Court FAQ 3. Quiz: Name the 9 Supreme Court Justices in 3 Minutes

See what else the mental_floss store has to offer this holiday season.