It's New T-Shirt Week!! (Today's Shirt: Veni Vidi Wiki)

Jason English

New T-Shirt Week (!!) rolls on. We've been unveiling one new mental_floss shirt each day, and offering a one-day-only 10% discount. Today's shirt is Veni Vidi Wiki: I came. I saw. I edited collaboratively.

To order yours, head over to the mental_floss store, add it to your cart, and use the code "wiki" during checkout. A fitted women's version is also available.

Reader Lauren Thompson is responsible for today's shirt. We asked Lauren to tell us a little about herself:

"I tried to get the financial services company where I work to let me put Marketing Goddess on my business card but, sadly, to no avail. That forced me to vent my creativity in other directions and voila "“ my fifteen minutes of t-shirt designing fame! I intend to turn my next efforts toward Mental Floss lingerie and evening wear."

To get in the t-shirt brainstorming mood, Lauren imposes a mental_floss dress code on her book club friends. Here's photo proof:

lauren-thompson.jpg /

(She's wearing the pink 'Hyperbole' shirt; that's Laury Parramore modeling 'Entropy' and Claudia Reshetiloff in our 'Pavlov.')

If you'd like to model Lauren's addition to the mental_floss line, order yours today.

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