It's New T-Shirt Week!! (Hokey Pokey Anonymous)

Jason English

Today we wrap up New T-Shirt Week!! with a Hokey Pokey shirt. So put your right foot into the mental_floss store, add it to your cart, and get 10% off (today only) when you use the code "hokey" during checkout. (A fitted women's version is also available.)

Kara Laughlin gets the credit on this one. Who is Kara Laughlin? We asked, she answered: "I work from home, mostly at preventing my three children from doing permanent damage to one another, but I do sometimes get to do my two 'real' jobs. I write for children and artists, and I make very small pieces of art jewelry that I can shove into a pocket if someone starts climbing up the bookcases to get to the DVDs."

Well done, Kara! And in case you missed them, here are the rest of the New T-Shirt Week!! selections:

4-shirts1.jpg /

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