Friday Happy Hour: Children's Books & Story Ideas

Jason English

1. When it comes to pretending to read for the sake of a photo, my daughter is in the 99th percentile. She's also good at not screaming during story time. However, she can always tell when I'm reading her non-children's stuff. (Though I found it interesting, Charlotte was not a big fan of this article in The Atlantic about the Buffalo Bills possibly moving to Toronto.)

Today's first topic is children's books—what was your favorite, as a kid or as a parent? Any really great books or authors most people haven't discovered?

2. Last night's "Can Men Breastfeed?" post is getting positive feedback. I'd love for us to answer more questions like that. So, do you have any random questions you'd like to see tackled here?

3. What's the farthest you ever walked? Growing up, my town had a fleet of school buses, so I'm not one of those walked-five-miles-uphill-both-ways people. I'm guessing my walked-home-in-the-snow story from last February won't be hard to top.

4. One of my favorite link roundups is Interesting Pile. Seed's Daily Zeitgeist is another good place to find great stories. For TV news, TV Tattle is the best. For TV news news, there's TVNewser (though there's more than just links) . Do you have any favorite sites like this?

5. What not-yet-released movie are you most excited about?

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