The Hand

Miss Cellania

Why make gestures to other drivers on the highway when you can get a gadget to do it for you? The Hand is an animated picture of a hand you stick on the back window of your car. Parts of the hand light up to make different finger gestures.

Using electroluminescent technology, combined with animation, The Hand will create a attention grabbing sensation wherever it is used!  Includes the ever popular: I love you, Hang Loose, Devil Horns, The Bird, Loser , Power and Peace gestures.   Use at night for the best effect.

You decide what gesture is displayed with a wireless remote control. There are no guarantees that the driver behind you will understand a particular gesture, but odds are that all will understand the one that you shouldn't use unless you're willing to fight about it. If you happen to see blue flashing lights in your rear view mirror, it would be prudent to turn The Hand completely off.

Yes, this is the kind of thing you may be tempted to buy someone for Christmas. Stop and think about whether that person has enough sense not to get into trouble using The Hand. I'm also concerned about how The Hand would affect visibility through the rear window. It's bad enough to block the glass, but you're also shining a light, which may produce glare in your rear view mirror.
Available through Perpetual Kid for $39.99.