Chris Higgins

so_many_a_second is a simple online applet that helps you visualize statistics. Most notably, it takes statistics in the form "x items used worldwide per second" and illustrates those items falling down a screen. So for example, 150 trees are cut per second according to Worldometers, and so_many_a_second visualizes that process thusly:

You can also do a split screen view comparing, say, trees cut per second versus babies born per second (4.2). That looks like this:

Trees and babies per second
Trees and babies per second /

You can even create your own views by plugging in a name, number of items per second, and an icon. It's an interesting way to visualize statistics -- putting an image to something that is very abstract for most of us. Go and click around!

See also: Visualizing Consumerism and Worldometers.