Now (officially) a word: MEH

Ransom Riggs

Well, it's about time! It was more than a year ago that I declared "meh" an official word, with only the lowly Wiktionary to back me up. Many of us have been saying it for years -- yes, even before its famous inclusion on a 2001 episode of the Simpsons. Shunned by venerable lexicons everywhere, we rebelled, expressing our righteous indifference with an officially unrecognized shrug of the tongue: meh. So it's a sweet victory, to say the least, to have our word finally recognized by something other than a user-editable online dictionary: it's been tapped for inclusion in the Collins English Dictionary. According to the Chicago Tribune:

"The dictionary's compilers said the word originated in North America, spread through the Internet and was now entering British spoken English. 'This is a new interjection from the U.S. that seems to have inveigled its way into common speech over here,' McKeown said. [Excellent use of inveigled.] 'Internet forums and e-mail are playing a big part in formalizing the spellings of vocal interjections like these.'"

For you doubters out there, here's our original Oct. 2007 declaration of "meh" as a an official word:

Who's the arbiter of when a "slang" word well ensconced within the popular lexicon becomes a "real" word? The folks who publish the Oxford English Dictionary? Nah ... we'd like to think it's us. In which case, as of today, the word "meh" may now be used in college papers, scholarly journal articles, Vatican sermons, etc. Never heard of meh? I and at least one other floss blogger I know have been saying it for years, and it's also made numerous appearances on The Simpsons, and elsewhere. Here's how the Wiktionary defines it:










  • 2003: steve-o, Jam On The River Mini-Review [1] in
    They redeemed themselves with this show. The first song or two was meh, but they were on fire after that.
  • 2006: Suzanne D., Recaps: Finals Week 8 Performances, 5/2/2006 [2] in
    The voice is excellent as always, but the overall effect was meh until the end, where he became a little bit awesome.
  • 2006: FunkyM, Turned on RAW for the first time in forever last night... [3] in
    Nothing that was supposed to be big and exciting came off as such and the rest was meh at best.


  • I don't know (the verbal equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders).
  • I don't care.
    "What do you want for dinner?" — "Meh. I'm not really hungry."
  • I don't particularly like or dislike it.
    "That film was awesome!" — "Meh. I've seen better."
  • I'm unhappy and not very energetic or enthusiastic.

    The Simpsons

    , "

    Lisa's Wedding

    " (March 19th, 1995):

    (Marge weaves "Hi Bart, I'm weaving a loom!" on a loom)

    Bart: Meh.
  • A vocabularised sigh, commonly used in the online gaming community to represent indifference, or lack of enthusiasm at a certain proposal.
    "Hey, wanna go pwn some noobs?" — "Meh."
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