(Re)searching for an Intern

Ransom Riggs

Hey floss community, I need your help! I'm just starting a book project on Sherlock Holmes for an awesome publisher, Quirk Books, and I'm looking for an intern/research assistant who's a bit of a Sherlock him/herself. The book itself will be really fun -- a guide to being a detective like Holmes, packed with info about what life in Victorian-era London was like. There's no pay, but you'll get my copious thanks in the book acknowledgments, and anyone interested in the publishing world could do a whole lot worse than getting connected with Quirk, who as I mentioned earlier, are awesome.

The schedule's pretty tight, so we'd ideally start working sometime next week. The gig would mainly entail doing research on interesting and obscure things related to Sherlock Holmes' work -- for instance, info on how fingerprinting worked at the turn of the century, how to analyze footprints and different kinds of tracks (animal tracks, wheel tracks, person tracks, etc) and 19th century life as relates to Holmes -- he visits opium dens in Conan Doyle's stories; what were they like in reality? Could you buy cocaine over the counter?

To apply, send me an email at sherlock.book@gmail.com with

1) a paragraph about yourself
2) a brief writing sample (a couple of pages is fine, non-fiction) and
3) a well-organized brief -- a page should do it -- on how to analyze typography. The more specific you can make it to Holmes' time period, the better.

Looking forward to reading your submissions!