How Did You Know? - {day 4}

David K. Israel

We're back with another 5-day trivia hunt, this time with a whole new format, and new prizes, so read on!

The new, updated rules: Every remaining day this week, I'll be presenting a specific challenge. Your job: come up with the answers and hold onto them! Why? Because on Monday, next week, you'll need them to solve a short puzzle. The first person to email in the correct answers and successfully show how you arrived at them (thus the title: How Did You Know?) wins a choice of any TWO t-shirts and book from our store. We're also doing something new from now on: in addition to the above, we'll be awarding a t-shirt to one random winner who has all the correct answers. So even if you're not the first one with the right answers, there's still a chance to wind up a winner on HDYK?

And remember, we're also giving away a really big, sa-weeet prize to any winning contestant who can defend the title three months in a row. Avery Dale, Ken Laskowski, Colin Utley, and Hayley Wells are our current champions and they're going for the trifecta this month. So let's see if someone can knock them out before they claim the big, mysterious trophy. (no, it's not a can of silly puddy, but good guess.) You can read about them here.

As with previous How Did You Know? posts, comments have been turned off, but I definitely encourage you to work in teams like our present champions did. Write your friends, send around each daily challenge, conspire, work together, whatever it takes to make sure you're armed with the right answers going into next Monday's puzzle. If you missed Day 1, check that out here. Day 2 is over here, and Day 3, here.

Today we're playing Name that President. On the following page you'll find five clues that should lead you to five numbers. Each number represents a U.S. president. Once you have all five numbers, you should be able to figure out the simple code and name the presidents. (Hint: the five presidents are listed randomly, not chronologically)

Take the weekend and go over all your answers and remember to tune in Monday at 8:00pm ET (5:00pm PT) for your final challenge.

Mystery President No. 1 = The Jews wandered in the wilderness for years. Mystery President No. 2 = The Pawtucket Red Sox beat the Rochester Red Wings in a record number of innings. Mystery President No. 3 = Luke and Leia Amidala, for example. Mystery President No. 4 = An entire pack of dominoes. Mystery President No. 5 = Lenny Kravitz did it up in 1998. To check and see if you came up with the right number and the right president, and because more than one number might be argued as the correct answer (though the hints are pretty exacting), I'm providing an additional numeric hint for each Mystery President: the combined number of letters in his first and last name (not including middle names or initials). Mystery President No. 1 = 12 Mystery President No. 2 = 11 Mystery President No. 3 = 9 Mystery President No. 4 = 13 Mystery President No. 5 = 11