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Friday Happy Hour: Gift Guide Edition

Jason English

1. Back in June, we put together a mental_floss summer reading list, where various _flossers each recommended one book. We're going to do something similar with holiday gifts, but this time, I'd love to get some reader suggestions. Got any unique, offbeat or extra-imaginative holiday gift ideas? If you want to link to something, just leave off the 'http://www' part and links should show up in the comments. I'll round up the staff picks next week and we'll post a lengthy guide in early December. I promise at least a few of the gift ideas will not be mental_floss t-shirts.

2. I'd like to give people credit for their suggestions, so my second question is this: what's your two-sentence bio? You don't have to use your real name, and even if you don't have a gift idea, it'll be fun to learn a little more about who's actually attending these Friday Happy Hours.

3. Let's stick to the gift theme. What's the strangest gift you've ever received at work? This doesn't have to be a holiday gift. Anything you've been given for your birthday or as a reward is acceptable conversation fodder.

4. Get it on the record early—what do you want most this holiday season?