Mythbusters: World's Biggest Paintball Gun

Chris Higgins

The Mythbusters are officially crazy. Using "Leonardo 2.0," a custom paintbull gun (actually an array of guns), they managed to paint a rough version of Mona Lisa in 80 milliseconds. "Leonardo" consists of:

• 1 mile of vinyl tubing • 600 pounds of aluminum • 1,100 paintballs • 2,100 gallons of air (pressure: 150 pounds per square inch)

Here's a video of the paint robot in action. First they use "Leonardo 1.0" with a single gun to paint a smiley face (starts around 2 minutes). Then the 1,100-gun beast gets going around 8 minutes. (The best part is the slow-motion shot around 8:50.)

After the jump: in a second public demonstration of "Leonardo 2.0," watch Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman get shot with 1,110 red paintballs live on stage.

This was ostensibly done to promote NVIDIA graphics processors (GPUs), but I think the real motivator is science. Yeah, science.