How Did You Know Nathan Richards?

David K. Israel

I'm happy to announce some winners to our last How Did You Know trivia hunt. First, Nathan Richards from Seattle successful prevented our reigning champions from the trifecta. Congrats Nathan! I'll post his pic and bio below, and his answers after the jump.

But first we have more winners!

The team of Jeremy Burgher and Mikaela Brown were our random winners this month, proving that, yes, you can submit all the correct answers a day late and still win here on HDYK. Congrats guys. And nice job presenting your logic.

Speaking of nice presentations, we felt obliged to throw a t-shirt Kate and Caro's way. They submitted early yesterday, and might have won it all had they shown us their logic. Instead, they wrote their answers in rhyming couplets, which I'll post after the jump. We've never seen anything like it! For the extra labor, we figured they deserved a prize too.

See everyone back for another round on the 16th of December.

Thanks so much! This contest has been the highlight of my month for nearly half a year now. I'm a Seattlite currently attending Central Washington University in lonely Ellensburg, WA (quite possibly the least prestigious University ever to be featured on How Did You Know). I'm a senior one quarter away from graduating with a degree in Education, with certification in Elementary grades as well as middle school math and science. My free time as of late has involved copious amounts of coloring, glitter and vinegar/baking soda volcanoes. It's a sweet life, I'm not gonna lie.

Final Answer What (Natural) (satellite) appears on average (Once) every (2.72) years? ANSWER: BLUE MOON! Presidential math: 2004-1911 = 93 1972-1884 = 88 1826-1735 = 91 272 2.72

Day 1 Bernard Malamud wrote The Natural 1. Herman Hesse (Looked through list of German Nobel Prize winners til I found one who fit) You can read all about him at his wikipedia entry. 2. John Milton (wrote Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained) If you sense a trend already, yes, wikipedia is my friend. 3. Bernard Malamud (Wrote the Fixer, which one a Pulitzer Prize in the 60s). List of Pulitzer Prize winners in Fiction at, yep, wikipedia. 4. David Sedaris (Boyfriend's initials are HH) 5. Margaret Mitchell (Died while on the way to A Canterbury Tale)

Day 3 1. Napoleon Dynamite - I recognized the liger right away. Confirmed at 2. Scarface - I remembered the black and white image of Pacino holding a gun. Confirmed at 3. E.T. - I thought this one was E.T. originally, then started second guessing looked like the way it was cropped, part of the title should have been included in there. I finally went ahead and cropped it myself, and, except for some color muting on the HDYK version they were identical. Confirmed at 4. Once - this was a tricky one. I started searching through movie posters, starting with movies from the 1980s because I thought the dress looked very 80s. Then I looked closer and realized they were walking on a guitar. So I googled "walking on a guitar" and found the soundtrack cover. Confirmed that the movie poster was the same here 5. Tron - Knew this one right away. Confirmed at 6. Out of Africa - I lucked out on this one. While I was searching for "Once" I just happened to come across this one. Confirmed at

Day 4 1. President #40: Ronald Reagan Jews spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness. I found an an article from "Ask the Rabbi" by googling the question "How long did Jews wander the desert?" here: 2.President #33: Harry Truman I looked up the wikipedia article for the Pawtucket Red Sox, which informed me that the "Longest Game" was 33 innings. 3. President #2: John Adams Luke and Leia Amidala are twins, or 2 of a kind. This one seemed the sketchiest of all, since the clue was fairly open-ended. Given that there aren't any Presidents with shorter names than John Adams, except James Polk and John Tyler though, the 9-letter clue made it much easier. I couldn't think of any reason 10 or 11 would make sense given the clue. Leia was pretty close to a 10 in Return of the Jedi, though. 4. President #28: Woodrow Wilson According to wikipedia, the # of dominoes in a pack: 28. There are other size packs, but all of those are larger numbers than the total number of presidents. 5. President #5: James Monroe Lenny Kravitz's album 5 came out in 1998. Confirmed with wikipedia. Reply

Poem by Kate and Caro I live in California, my sister lives in MO And we decided to give the monthly trivia hunt a go-- Do something together despite living far away The result is the submission I'm sending you today. Day 1 was the hardest for both Caroline and me, But once we got going, we solved it easily. Herman Hesse, John Milton, were the first ones we solved Then Bernard Malamud quickly evolved Then from a few rounds of emails between us. David Sedaris, Margaret Mitchell came without fuss. We completed Day1, we were right on track"¦ To go on with the trivia hunt and never look back. Day 2 would have been fine if the links would have ran, But Caroline alerted me that there was a snag in our plan, To complete all the puzzles, we must work on them soon! But luckily, they were back up, the next afternoon. We quickly figured out Number one and Number dos, "Satellite" by DMB and from the Counting Crows, "Recovering the Satellites", I'm sensing a theme. So I hunkered down to solve the rest while eating ice cream. Three is "Summer of Love" by the B-52s The album "Bouncing off the Satellites" made it fit with clues "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" was number four, by The Georgia Satellites—only one more! The last in this round was simply "Satellite" This time by Guster,"¦time to call it a night. Moving on to Day 3, the most fun for us two In our family movie trivia is something we all do. The liger in clue one is from Napolean Dynamite, Scarface is two, in the black and white. ET is three and Once is four, Tron was the next poster (a little more of a chore). Out of Africa was the last in this round of play, Looks like it's the end of the third day. And next is Day 4 and the Presidential Round Caroline was confused, so I had to expound Exactly how the puzzle would work (I wanted to help her, and not be a jerk) So we knew the numbers were 40,33,2 28, and 5—we knew what to do. We lined up the numbers with a list of us heads of state The answers quickly appeared, as if it were fate. Ronald Regan, Harry Truman, and John Adams (1,2,3) Woodrow Wilson, James Monroe---"These are easy" said we. We completed day 4, only one more to go. We're doing well--"Team Kate and Caro" Which brings us to Day 5, and the end of our hunt. I hope when I email this, ours will be at the front Of the many, many emails you will get on this day. And we'll win the contest"¦even though we're far away. So I'm including the answer to the trivia hunt below. Signed your faithful blog readers, Kate and Caro