Friday Happy Hour: Notable Residents

Jason English

This will be an abbreviated version of the 'Happy Hour,' since we are heading to Thanksgiving II: The English Family shortly. But before I leave, let me throw out a few topics for discussion.

1. My wife and I are just entering the initial stages of starting to think about considering a move. This stage is a rollercoaster ride—first we see a listing for a great house, then spend hours trying to figure out the secret flaw that makes it affordable. One of my favorite parts of the research is the 'Notable Residents' section of each town's Wikipedia page. It's good to know that I could share a zip code with the guy who played Larry Dallas on Three's Company, the parents of the General Manager of the Colorado Rockies, or the host of Cash Cab. What notable residents (and former residents) live in your town?

2. What's the longest line you've ever waited in?

3. Did you have a good Thanksgiving?