Waistband Stretcher


Waistband Stretcher? That could be the title of my Thanksgiving dinner! I prepared both ham and turkey, plus dressing, gravy, potatoes, deviled eggs, and mincemeat pie. Others brought cider, ice cream, challah, glazed carrots, green beans, and pumpkin pie. After a couple days of leftovers, I know a few pants that could use an expansion.

To use the Waistband Stretcher, wet your jeans, pants, or skirt. Clamp the gadget on and screw the extender out, then let your garment dry. With jeans, this will be at least overnight. The product page says you can add up to five inches to your waistband this way. Unfortunately, it only works with pant sizes up to 45 inches. Those folks who wear larger sizes will just have to suck it up. Or in, as the case may be.

Easier and more economical than taking tight-waisted clothes to the tailor for alterations. The Waistband Stretcher is constructed of durable plastic, and can be adjusted to fit waist-bands from 21" to 45 inches. Order today and make those clothes comfortable again!

OK, the Waistband Stretcher is $29.99 from SkyMall. Is this honestly cheaper than having a professional alteration done? Do people even do that anymore? I only have one good pair of jeans, and I can replace them for less than $30. But I won't, because after a few days of leaving the top button undone, I will be through with leftovers and go back to normal eating patterns. Well, until the first Christmas party.

By the way, you can get it cheaper elsewhere.