The Quick 10: 10 Phrases You Might Hear a Soup Jockey Say


So, in the midst of the shopping craze on Friday, I managed to buy myself a new trivia book: Phraseology, by Barbara Ann Kipfer.

It's utterly fascinating. I'm reading about all kinds of old-timey-sounding phrases that I fully intend to start working into my everyday vocabulary. For instance, it was really hard coming back to work today after the long, fabulous weekend. I'm feeling all mops and brooms. (Out of sorts).

Anyway, I was most fascinated by the diner lingo, which is where today's Q10 comes from.

diner /

1. Adam's Ale: water. Also: dog's soup, Windmill Cocktail, city juice.
2. Adam and Eve: two poached eggs. And Adam and Eve on a Raft means two poached eggs on toast.
3. Abbott and Costello: franks and beans. They're also apparently called hounds on an island.
4. Zeppelins in a fog, AKA bangers and mash: sausages and mashed potatoes.
5. Blowout patches: pancakes.
6. Angels on horseback: oysters rolled in bacon on toast. Devils on Horseback means the same thing, but substitute prunes for bacon. To which I say: Ew.
7. Whiskey: rye bread.
8. Throw it in the mud: add chocolate syrup.
9. Bloodhounds in the hay: hot dogs with sauerkraut.
10. Burn the British: a toasted English muffin.

Do people still use these terms in diners? If I actually walked into a diner and ordered "Adam and Eve on a raft," would the waitress (the soup jockey) just stare at me?