The Quick 10: The Full Names of 10 Mononymous People


Everyone knows it's Beyonce Knowles and Madonna Ciccone, but do you know Bono's last name? OK, maybe you do, but I totally didn't. I didn't even know Bono's first name. But now I do, and here's a list of nine others. I have to say I'm inspired: I might think about just going by Stacy... which, come to think of it, isn't a very cool one-name name. Thanks, mom.

1. Bono - Paul David Hewson. One of his friends nicknamed him Bono in the 70s. According to the book Bono on Bono, his friend named him after a hearing aid shop they went by all of the time, because Bono sang so loud it was like he was trying to make deaf people hear him.

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3. Cher - Cherilyn Sarkisian. I understand why she goes by Cher; Cherilyn Sarkisian is kind of a mouthful.

4. Moby - Richard Melville Hall. I think this is somewhat well-known, but he says his middle name and his nickname are because Herman Melville is his great-great-great-granduncle.
5. Slash - Saul Hudson. He's another one who carried the nickname over from his childhood; a family friend named him Slash because he was always running around in a hurry. Another interesting fact about Slash: his mom was a costume designer for David Bowie.
6. Sting - Gordon Sumner. He was playing with his band (not the Police) one evening and wore a snazzy yellow and black striped sweater. The bandleader made fun of him, saying it made him look like a bee. Thus, Sting.
7. Rihanna - Robyn Rihanna Fenty. I don't have much to say about her, since she just swapped her names and dropped the surname. Rihanna sounds a lot edgier than Robyn, though, I'll give you that.
8. Fabio - Fabio Lanzoni. That's all I care to say about Fabio.
9. Prince - Prince Rogers Nelson. When your parents give you a name like Prince, you pretty much have to do something interesting with your life, I'm pretty sure.
10. Pelé - Edison (Edson) Arantes do Nascimento. This one was an accident - Pelé pronounced the name of his favorite soccer player wrong - "Pilé" instead of "Bilé." A classmate made fun of him by referring to him as the mispronounciation, and Pelé actually punched the guy for mocking him and got suspended from school. But the name stuck anyway.