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Last month, during our "New Einsteins" series, one of the geniuses profiled was Harvard economics professor Roland Fryer. Several people wrote in to ask where they could learn more about his work. The answer, of course, is on Comedy Central. Fryer was recently on The Colbert Report. (See above, or if that's not working for you, try this.)

Thanks to Debi Barton for suggesting the link! Which reminds me, if you stumble across something especially _flossy, feel free to email a link to If we like it, we'll post it and give you a virtual high five. And by "especially _flossy," I mean a story related to a recent article, or maybe a fascinating photo or video. What I don't mean is a press release about something your company is doing. I've gotten far too many "Our company [that you've never heard of] is going green "“ please alert your readers" emails this year.