Most people don't make art unless they're feeling inspired, and over the past year or so, Barack Obama has inspired lots of people -- some of them so much that they felt compelled to make Barack Obama-themed art, some of which is very, very, -- even bloggably -- strange. Culled from the wonderful compendium that is, these images might inspire you too, or curse you with weird dreams for weeks, depending on your temperament.

To begin, consider the dove. A symbol of peace, and commonly associated with public figures living, dead and fictional who inspire positive feelings in their followers. Usually, however, the doves are flying around in the background and the inspirational public figure occupies some uncluttered foreground space. Artist Derek Chatwood, however, chose to depict Barack Obama as so inspiring and hope-y that he is literally stuffed with doves, who are flying out of his various orifices.

You know you want


Dan Lacey paints pictures of people with pancakes on their heads. So naturally, when he turned his talents to the president-elect, he painted this:

Breaking his mold, Lacey also painted this amazing portrait of Obama -- naked -- riding a unicorn in front of St. Paul's Excel Energy Center.

Speaking of unicorns, check out Lukas Ketner's portrait of a sweaty Obama wading through Portland's Willamette River (I believe that's the Burnside Bridge behind him) with a unicorn chasing him and roses emanating from his pelvis. Go figure.obama-art-hunk-351x449.jpg

Inevitably, perhaps, there's also the comic book interpretation -- in this case, Batobama and Robiden. Click here for a larger view.

Moving into the physical (albeit tiny) world, here are some tiny, nano-sized recreations of Shepard Fairey's now-famous Obama portrait, "carved" by scientists at the University of Michigan. Each one is less than half a millimeter wide.

Here's a heady idea. (Ha.) These guys must have excellent -- and very patient -- barbers. I bet no one shaved a portrait of McCain into their head!

Heather Courtney created this hand-crafted Barack-in-the-box toy. It plays "You Light Up My Life" when you crank the handle.

An artist named mmike created this tension-wire sculpture of Obama, which he describes thusly: "Tension - A portrait of Barack Obama - 10-23-2008 - 2"²x2"²x9"² - 1000 feet of steel high tension wire, black enamel and poplar base."

Finally, a little desktop wallpaper.