A Night at the Guggenheim


Software guy Anil Dash and his wife Alaina had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: they spent a night inside the Guggenheim. In an exhibition called Revolving Hotel Room, visitors can inhabit a space that transcends public and private boundaries -- at a price of about $300/night, all available nights quickly sold out, but the Dashes got one. Dash writes about the amenities:

The truth is, the Guggenheim as a space makes a terrible hotel. The room was hardly secluded, the amenities were perfunctory, and while the bed and chairs were comfortable enough, the gracious staff was the only part of the experience that compares to the quality of other fine hotels. That being said, I'd stay there again in a second.

The BBC was there when the Dashes arrived, and produced a segment on the exhibit:

Shades of Frankenweiler and Tenenbaums abound.

(Via Waxy.org.)