What Songs Give Good Workout?


One of the cooler aspects of this site, at least for me, is the sense of community it creates. You know when you hit that mentalfloss bookmark that your browser is about to take you to a place where likeminded people hang out, where topics you care about are discussed, and where you know you can always learn something new. And the knowledge isn't just dropped by our fantastic team of bloggers and writers, it's often waiting for you there in the comments, penned by some of the smartest readers on the Internet (you!).

That's why we occasionally like to take a post and pose a question—to see what you think, what you have to say. Longtime friends of the _floss might remember the What's your default song? post, where we asked you what tune your brain defaulted to when trying to get a bad earworm out of your head. Or our What's the Nerdiest thing you've ever done? post.

Today, I've got a new one to ask you: What songs give good workout? By that I mean, what songs do you listen to at the gym? Because for me, a good workout is totally dependant on good tunage. The band Garbage, for instance, really inspires me on the elliptical machine—songs like "Push It" or "When I Grow Up," for instance, are great for getting the heart rate up. When doing free weights, I'll switch over to something like "So What'cha Want" by the Beastie Boys.

What about you all? What songs give you good workout?

"When I Grow Up" excerp