Thrilled Not be on this List!

Mangesh Hattikudur

Of all the lists we were shortlisted on this year (NYTimes Bestseller, MacArthur Genius Grant, Nobel Prize in Medicine, etc), this is one we're happy we didn't make. I can't figure out whether this song is depressing, funny or annoying (it definitely Venn diagrams nicely in between all three). But it does make me happy to know we're not mentioned in the mix. (Of course, if you want to keep us off the list, feel free to subscribe here.)

There are a few glossies that they left off that I think deserve a mention: Might magazine, Fuse magazine (or maybe Fuse-Work-Life? I only saw one issue, but it stayed on my desk for ages), Business 2.0, Lingua Franca, MyGeneration, Life and Varmint Hunter (which thankfully was reincarnated as Predator X-treme). Aside from the 'Hunter, early editions of mental_floss were influenced by pages from all of those. If you can think of any other dead magazines deserving of eulogy, feel free to drop them in the comments.

Link via HuffingtonPost.