How Did You Know? - {day 5}

David K. Israel

If you've made it this far, I commend you! One more puzzle to solve and you're home free. First one to send in the correct answer to the challenge below, along with the correct answers found all along the path this week, AND, the logic behind "˜em (which is to say: HOW DID YOU KNOW?), gets a pick of any two t-shirts and book from our store. We'll also be awarding one t-shirt to a random winner who has all the answers correct, as well.

Nathan Richards is our current champion.You can read about him here.

As comments have been turned off for the length of the hunt, please click on the following link and send your answers and logic to us at:

If you missed Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 or Day 4's challenges, there might still be time to solve them all. No one knows how long it'll take for one of you trivia junkies to nail down the whole megillah, so make haste, make haste. And now, on the next page, I present the final puzzle, drawing on all the answers you dug up along the trail.

(see you on Jan 20th for the next HDYK puzzle)

Day 1: On Tuesday you were asked to pick out the one movie that wasn't like the others. This odd-one-out has three words in the title. Change the first word from present tense to past tense and that's your answer for Day 1. Day 2: On Wednesday you were asked to I.D. seven TV shows based on their theme songs. The third show starred a character who had a famous expression, one that's become a TV classic. The expression is slang. The real word is your answer for Day 2. Day 3: On Thursday you were asked to name 5 architects based on photos of some of their works. The last photo is a world-famous apartment building in NYC. What year was the building completed? Subtract the first two digits of the four from the year itself. This new number is your answer for Day 3. Day 4: On Friday you were asked to solve a riddle. To arrive at the correct answer, you had to use a foreign language. The transliterated word ish (pronounced eesh) in the same foreign language means what in English? This is your answer for Day 4. Day 5: You should now have enough information to complete the puzzle.