Bars and Restaurants With a Hospital Theme

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Mothers in Taiwan can now give birth in a Hello Kitty-themed hospital. Patients enjoy the iconic feline theme on everything from baby blankets, nurse uniforms, and a statue of the cat dressed like a doctor. Tsai Tsung-chi designed Hau Sheng Hospital with his mother, wife, and daughter's adorable cartoon cat in mind.

Meanwhile, other entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry have taken the hospital theme to different kinds of ventures. Just don't expect your health insurance to cover any of them.

A group of local doctors in Latvia created their own high-end restaurant, Hospitalis. Sitting on exam room-style furniture, diners in Latvia enjoy meals from test tubes carried by waitresses in nurse outfits. If you choke on your food, someone well-qualified should be able to assist you with the Heimlich maneuver.

Relax in one of the pill-shaped rooms of Singapore's Clinic Club. Artist Damien Hirst's work inspired the decor and 15 of his pieces decorate the venue. (Hirst himself used to own a bar called The Pharmacy in London, which closed in 2003). Pull up a wheelchair and sip drinks from hanging plasma packs. You'll have to check with the bartender for a hangover cure.