Mothers in Taiwan can now give birth in a Hello Kitty-themed hospital. Patients enjoy the iconic feline theme on everything from baby blankets, nurse uniforms, and a statue of the cat dressed like a doctor. Tsai Tsung-chi designed Hau Sheng Hospital with his mother, wife and daughter's adorable cartoon cat in mind. [Image courtesy of Reuters.]

Meanwhile, other entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry have taken the hospital theme to different kinds of ventures. Just don't expect your health insurance to cover any of them.

1. Hospitalis


A group of local doctors in Latvia created their own high-end restaurant, Hospitalis. Sitting on exam-room style furniture, diners in Latvia enjoy meals from test tubes carried by waitresses in nurse outfits. If you choke on your food, someone well-qualified should be able to assist you with the Heimlich maneuver.

2. Clinic Club


Relax in one of the pill-shaped rooms of Singapore's Clinic Club. Artist Damien Hirst's work inspired the decor and 15 of his pieces decorate the venue. (Hirst himself used to own a bar called "The Pharmacy" in London, which closed in 2003). Pull up a wheelchair and sip drinks from hanging plasma packs. You'll have to check with the bartender for a hangover cure. [Image courtesy of lisajarrad.]