How Did You Know Katie Richie & Stacy Vallely?

David K. Israel

I'm happy to announce some winners to our last How Did You Know trivia hunt. First, a new, all female team comprised of Katie Richie and Stacy Vallely edged out numerous contestants who got all the correct answers to us within the first 15 minutes of the Day 5 posting. Congrats Katie and Stacy! I'll post their pic and bios below, and their answers after the jump.

But first we have more winners!

Peter Dapier is our random winner this month, proving that, yes, you can submit all the correct answers late and still win here on HDYK. Congrats and nice job presenting your logic (we especially liked the Hebrew font!).

Speaking of nice presentations, wait until you see the PowerPoint slides that Josh and Dawn Smith sent in as part of their answers. I'll post them after the jump, too.

See everyone back for another round on the 20th of January.

Katie Richie: HDYK? has been a highlight of my month since the summer, so I'm so excited to win this month! I graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Behavioral Neuroscience and am now working as a research associate at a biotech company near Boston. Stacy and I have been good friends for 6 years and I asked Stacy to help with HDYK? last month and it's a good thing I did! If she didn't come through on Day 4, I wouldn't have been able to finish the week! We're so happy to win this month! Stacy Vallely: I grew up near Boston, Massachusetts. I am still living in Massachusetts with my husband and my two Yorkshire Terriers (Tim and Taylor). I graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education. I currently work in a public school as an inclusion teacher in first grade. Katie has been a great friend to me for the past 6 years. She is dating (and has been for 6 years) my husband's best friend. She was also a bridesmaid in my wedding this past summer. She recruited me for HDYK? last month and I think we did pretty well for only our second round together!

Final Answer In 1866 this man invented dynamite: Alfred Nobel.

Day 1 1. Rent (Recognized Jesse L. Martin in the poster, IMDb search led to Rent) 2. Inventing the Abbotts (Googled Liv Tyler movies, scanned the posters) 3. Singin' in the Rain (Knew) 4. Hairspray (Knew) Inventing the Abbotts is not the like others. It is not a musical-turned-movie.

Day 2 1. House, MD (Knew) 2. The Six Million Dollar Man (Had an idea, Shazam confirmed) 3. Good Times (According to my mom, "Easy!" Confirmed 4.) 4. Thirty Something (Sounded familiar, confirmed with iTunes) 5. The O.C. (We're 25. We know this theme.) 6. The Odd Couple (Knew, Shazam confirmed) 7. The Incredible Hulk (Knew, Shazam confirmed)

Day 3 1. Disney Concert Hall - Frank Gehry (I work near MIT, which has an infamous building designed by him right down the street...They sued his design firm last year for faulty work. I recognized his style and a google search confirmed here: 2. Fallingwater - Frank Lloyd Wright (Very famous building by a very famous architect, so I recognized Wright's work. Quick google search confirmed here: 3. National Gallery of Art - I.M. Pei (After many people suggested that this was The Louvre, my mom recognized it as a place she has visited. My mom hates to fly, so that ruled out The Louvre. It finally came to her as the National Gallery in Washington, DC. Also, I.M. Pei designed the pyramids at The Louvre, which now makes sense! [Also another building in Boston, the Hancock Tower!] Google confirmed at 4. Toronto Dominion Bank Building- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Stacy recognized the TD Bank logo. Going with that, she looked up notable TD Bank buildings. TD Bank has naming rights to our local arena: TD BankNorth Garden. Another Boston connection! Google confirmation here: 5. The Dakota - Henry Janeway Hardenbergh (Stacy's cousin had a hunch that the building was in New York City, so she asked her NYC "expert" friend and she came up with The Dakota. Wikipedia confirmed: Also, this architect designed the Copley Plaza in Boston.) [Note: The Boston connections may or may not be relevant, but we thought it smart to include them, just in case]

Day 4 This would make sense in Israel (or any place Hebrew is spoken) because: Sounded out in Hebrew and it's English equivalent: "me" = who "hoo" = he "he" = she "llama" = why After pondering the definition of transliteration, Stacy came up with the idea of looking into languages that have characters and their sounds. Luckily for us, Stacy's family is Jewish and she remembers how to read Hebrew, so she looked into Hebrew, which yielded some promising matches. It wasn't until she spoke to one of her cousins that has been to Israel that we matched all of the words. This one was all Stacy.

Josh and Dawn Smith's PowerPoint Slides