The Reason We Probably Had to Stop Posting Vocab Rehabs

Mangesh & Jason

McSweeney's writer and former mental_floss intern Hari Raghavan used to write a morbid little column called Vocab Rehab, where we tried to help people remember impressive words through tricks and memorable sentences. We canned the column because it got so many complaints. This one from April 17th seems to have two lessons from Hari: the definition of the word saguaro, and the importance of practicing plant safety on holidays.

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saguaro (n.)

a tall, columnar cactus of dry areas of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico


Unable to find a suitable tree on such short notice, Julie and Ricardo set up a saguaro in their living room, which led to unforeseeable and disastrous consequences on Christmas morning when their children came running heart-first down the stairs.