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Friday Happy Hour: Phone Numbers That Say Something

Jason English

I know I said last Friday's Happy Hour was the last of 2008. But this morning my wife is stuck working, the baby is napping, the dog still exhausted. So before I turn my attention to gift-box removal, here are a few questions for discussion.

1. A family friend was recently in Egypt. While gazing at the pyramids, something else astonishing wandered into view—someone with whom he attended high school. They hadn't seen each other in over twenty years. I'm always fascinated by these kinds of stories, probably because my own pale in comparison. I once ran into a (New Jersey) high school friend at a McDonald's in North Myrtle Beach. Good times. What's the strangest place you've unexpectedly run into an old friend?

2. Have you ever done anything truly memorable on New Year's Eve?

3. Early in my freshman year of college, I started getting strange phone calls very late at night. "Do you know what your phone number is?" the presumably drunken caller would ask. I did. 613-3425. What of it?

The calls continued every few days, like an annoying teaser campaign for a movie I'd never consider watching. But at 3am one morning came the grand reveal: "Your number is 613-DICK!"

The phone numbers in these dorms don't change, so the caller knew what room was associated with this riotous number. One night I heard someone writing on my whiteboard, so my roommate and I opened the door. The pip-squeakiest guy I'd ever seen had written "Your Number Is," but our mere presence startled him. (Our mere presence should not have intimidated anybody.) Rather than finish his message, the prankster returned the Dry Erase marker to its snug little holder and took off running. The calls stopped.

Did you ever have a phone number that spelled something? (Or did you ever harass someone who did?)

4. What's your favorite episode of your favorite TV show?

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