On Music: What's Your Default Song?


Loyal readers of this blog will recall my post on default songs, a term I coined that refers to the song you default to when either there's no song in your head, or you want to get a lousy song OUT of your head. Default songs can change as you change, and since my original default song post was a year ago, I'm sure many of you have new default songs by now - tunes you're just itching to share with us.

For instance, when last I posted on the subject, my default song was AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" (apologies to those who now have it stuck in your head). Thankfully, sometime around Thanksgiving, my default song changed over to the wonderfully benign folk tune, "Coming 'Round the Mountain." This is because I sing a variation of it every night to my son Jack when it's time for his bath.

musicbrain.jpg /

You hear it? Stop. Be quiet. Listen. What song is playing in your head right now? Whatever it is, it may be your default song. It might also be the last song you heard at the local supermarket while standing in line to buy groceries as you thumbed mindlessly through People magazine.

So I ask you again: What's your default song these days and, just as importantly: are you happy about it or annoyed?

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