Stiletto Potato Peeler


A couple of events have occurred recently that illustrate the difference in the way men and women look at life -and gadgets. My new boyfriend is such a guy. He has every tool known to man, but he hangs sheets over his windows because he doesn't know how to buy curtains. I'm quite the opposite.

I think I took the wind out of his project. He saw the bolt idea as more fun.

Then there was the night we were preparing dinner. He asked if I had a potato peeler. No, I said, but I have plenty of knives. So he got in his car and went home to get his potato peeler! His daughters, my daughters, and I thought that was a little kooky. He returned with the coolest potato-peeling knife I've seen yet.

Yes, it's a switchblade stiletto! When a guy sees this type of gadget, he wants it whether he's ever peeled a potato in his life or not. There's nothing dreary about peeling potatoes if you have a badass peeler! The more complex the gadget, the more alluring the task that goes along with it. Of course there are exceptions, but on average, the man with the coolest barbecue grill will want to cook out more often than the man with a dollar store hibachi. Viva la difference!

Unfortunately, I haven't found the


stiletto potato peeler for sale online yet. If you know a source, please let me know.

PS Since this was published, he let me know that this is a stiletto, not a switchblade device. I learn something new every day!