inconsistency.jpgThe reader-submitted t-shirt ideas have been pouring in, and our designer Terri Dann has made some pretty pictures to go along with some of our favorites. To help us decide which two shirts to send off to the printer, would you care to vote for the two you like best?

a) Friends Don't Let Friends Derive Drunk

b) Sports Geek

c) You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato (Doesn't Make Much Sense When You Read It)

d) Bald Is Beautiful

e) What Would Aslan Do?

f) Sucks to Your Ass-Mar

g) Inconsistency: It Has Its Ups and Downs

And if you've got a t-shirt idea, you can send it to If we end up using it, you get $125 (and a good story to tell your neighbors). We'll announce the winners later this week.